Ep. 2: Justin Aversano

In Episode 2 of Probably Nothing, Alexis and TZ dive deep in conversation with Justin Aversano about his journey with photography, using NFTs to monetize his art, creating communities, and the inspiration behind many of his most famous works.
In Episode 2 of Probably Nothing, Alexis and TZ dive deep into conversation with Justin Aversano about his journey with photography and NFTs. Justin is a prominent photographer, the creator of Twin Flames NFT project, and co-founder of Save Art Space. His NFT projects have already totaled millions in dollars in sales in less than 12 months. Justin talks to us about how NFTs have forever changed the art world and explains the importance of community in his art. You'll also hear about his strategy as an artist and entrepreneur and the stories and meaning behind all of Justin's projects.

Links Mentioned in the Show:
0:30: Introductions
02:00: How did you get into art?
03:41 How did you first hear about NFTs? What got you excited about the space? What were you doing before NFTs?
07:18: What were the insights on how to mint and what to mint?
09:15: What was the strategy around having 100 items and how did you think about the rollout out around working with auction houses?
12:40: There are 83 unique owners for a 100 item collection. How did you think about that?
15:00: Could you share how you approach building community, and what you've learned about it so far?
16:46: What are the royalties you are taking on Twin Flames, and how are you thinking about reinvesting your royalties back to the community?
18:07: How do you think photographers will be displaying photos in the coming years?
21:08: I want to understand the billboards and why you build them
25:34: Tools in building a community
26:02: The importance of hanging out IRL
27:02: Artist, Creators, and the next generation?
28:40: Discussion on patronage and how it impacted Renaissance paintings of Jesus
32:32: If a talented photographer wanted to launch their own project, what advice would you give?
37:20: How do you define an artist?
40:50: Justin's mom and the birthday project

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