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Best of Season 1

In Episode 12 of Probably Nothing TZ (@TZhongg) wraps up season 1 with the best moments in each episode. If you're just joining the Islands' community, this is a great episode to hear summaries of each episode to see which ones you'd like to go back and listen to. This season TZ and Alexis talked with Justin Aversano, Keith Grossman, Noah Davis, ThankYouX, Bobby Hundreds, Betty from Deadfellaz, Farokh from Rug Radio, Mike Dudas, Jacob Martin, and Evan Keast.

Ep. 11: Evan Keast (Doodles) breaks down their successful NFT launch

In Episode 11 of Probably Nothing TZ (@TZhongg) and Alexis (@alexisohanian) talk with Evan Keast aka Tulip, who is one of the co-founders of Doodles. Evan has been a part of the NFT community since almost the beginning as he worked at Dapper Labs before starting Doodles with Poopie and Burnt Toast. In this episode, TZ and Alexis dive into Tulip’s story to learn more about how the Doodles team came together, what is coming next for the project, and why Doodles is not CC0 right now.

Ep. 10: Jacob Martin (The NFT Attorney) shows us how to spot the next big NFT project

In Episode 10 of Probably Nothing TZ (@TZhongg) and Alexis (@alexisohanian) bring on the NFT Attorney, Jacob Martin (@thenftattorney). Jacob has had one of the best 2021s in web3 as he turned $5,000 into a sizeable 7-figure portfolio by flipping NFTs and being a part of certain DAOs. Jacob came onto the show to share how a 26-year old lawyer is one of the leading law experts in web3 with only 2 years of traditional law experience, what he looks for in projects, and what he believes 2022 will bring for web3.

Ep. 9: Mike Dudas on how to properly build a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

In Episode 9 of Probably Nothing TZ (@TZhongg), Alexis (@alexisohanian), and Mike Dudas (@mdudas) talk about how Links DAO (@LinksDAO) was created in 18 days. Links DAO is reimagining the country club by creating a modern-day golf & leisure club. TZ, Alexis, and Mike dive into the specifics of how Links DAO will work, how Links DAO will break down the barriers into the previously exclusive sport of golf, and even dive into the complicated legal side of setting up a DAO.

Ep. 8: Farokh on building communities from web2 to web3

In Episode 8 of Probably Nothing TZ (@TZhongg) and Alexis (@alexisohanian) chat with Farokh (@farokh), Founder of Rug Radio (@RugRadio). Rug Radio aims to become the first ever decentralized media company. In this episode, Farokh shares his journey building communities online, why Rug Radio is important to him, and why memes are so important in web3.

Ep. 7: Betty (Deadfellaz)

In Episode 7 of Probably Nothing TZ (@TZhongg) and Alexis (@alexisohanian) chat with Betty (@betty_nft), co-founder and “Horde Mother” of Deadfellaz NFT collection. Deadfellaz is an NFT project consisting of 10,000 “undead NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.” In this episode, Betty shares how she assessed the risk of launching an NFT project, how we can continue to break down barriers in web3, and why building an anonymous team is the future.

Ep. 6: Bobby Hundreds

In Episode 6 of Probably Nothing TZ (@TZhongg) and Alexis Ohanian (@alexisohanian) chat with with Bobby Hundreds (@bobbyhundreds), founder of streetwear brand The Hundreds and the Adam Bomb Squad NFT project. In this episode you’ll hear about the difference of building a streetwear company versus an NFT project, the key elements of brand building, and and why communities are the key to everything.

Ep. 5: ThankYouX

On this episode of Probably Nothing TZ (@TZhongg) and Alexis Ohanian (@alexisohanian) chat with ThankYouX (@ThankYouX). ThankyouX, also known as Ryan, is an artist whose work is a mix of both art and technology. Throughout the episode you will hear about this intersection of art and tech, the next generation of artists, the future of digital fashion, and more. You'll also hear about Ryan's journey diving into NFTs and what his future plans are.

Ep. 4: Noah Davis

On this Episode of Probably Nothing TZ (@TZhongg) and Alexis Ohanian (@alexisohanian) chat with Noah Davis (@NonFungibleNoah) of Christie's. You'll hear Noah discuss his journey into the NFT space, how NFTs are addressing some traditional problems in art collecting, and what it's taken to convince a historic auction house like Christie's to move into a completely new medium.

Ep. 3: Keith Grossman

On this Episode of Probably Nothing TZ and Alexis Ohanian chat with Keith Grossman, President of Time magazine. You'll hear Keith discuss his journey into the NFT space and how he views web3 as part of a plan to ensure Time is relevant for the next 100 years.

Ep. 2: Justin Aversano

In Episode 2 of Probably Nothing, Alexis and TZ dive deep in conversation with Justin Aversano about his journey with photography, using NFTs to monetize his art, creating communities, and the inspiration behind many of his most famous works.

Ep. 1: Introducing Probably Nothing

Alexis Ohanian and Tiffany Zhong join forces to create your go-to NFT podcast. In this episode, we start with the question of the hour: What are NFTs and why do we love them?

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