Ep. 3: Keith Grossman

On this Episode of Probably Nothing TZ and Alexis Ohanian chat with Keith Grossman, President of Time magazine. You'll hear Keith discuss his journey into the NFT space and how he views web3 as part of a plan to ensure Time is relevant for the next 100 years.
In episode 3 of Probably Nothing TZ and Alexis Ohanian chat with Keith Grossman, President of TIME. They talk about Keith's personal journey into NFTs and how he brought such a new technology to such a traditional and timeless brand. Keith shares some remarkable stories about the power of the web3 community, and TZ and Alexis answer some tricky questions from Keith about the future of brands, sponsorships, and media. The group discusses web3 and web2 comparisons, especially with Reddit, and talk about where web3 is headed. This episode is definitely worth your TIME ;)

Links Mentioned in this Episode

01:09: IP in the NFT space
02:30: Reddit vs web3
04:15: Mr. Splashy Pants
06:00: Ownership
09:00: The Power of POAPS
11:00: How did Keith convince Time to do an NFT?
15:15: Why did Keith drop a 1 of 1 collection and begin to accept crypto as a payment at TIME?
18:59: Long-term vs short-term thinking
23:25: How did Keith get to where he is?
27:15: Where should Keith take TIME Pieces?
28:50: What has Keith learned in the past five weeks?
29:45: Keith's craziest web3 story
35:08: Rewards for kindness in web3
36:08: Keith's tricky question for Alexis and TZ
38:15: Alexis's response
41:25: Your identity and PFPs - why someone would turn down $9.5 million for their PFP NFT
43:40: How did Keith get into NFTs - especially as a boomer ;)?
48:20: NFT Art vs. PFP
50:35: What are three things Keith would suggest to a new person getting into NFTs?
55:20: If Keith was stuck on an island which NFT would he bring?

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